Tinder experience in India?

Tinder experience in India?


During Initial Days : As this concept was very popular, i was also interested in having an experience of getting matched with some random local girls for travel Partner, to interact with them and go on a date. I downloaded Tinder application from Google Play store and was having very high expectation of checking out girls profiles on Tinder and if they will look stunning and impressive by their bio, i will swipe them “ Right – > Like “.


I created my Tinder profile (connected it through my Facebook). Went on settings and made the distance between from 1–15 KM (thinking don’t want to date a girl living very far away :P). Now, my Tinder profile is ready to explore my near-by single girls :D. To be very honest, i was really surprised to see some of the beautiful girls in my nearby area who were also on Tinder and were looking for some interesting to match up with.

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I right swipe those who looked genuine profiles with bio and stunning beautiful faces (as i was doing the right swipe i was smiling also as i was having very high expectations). I left swipe those who were not looking like models or were having no bio or less information in bio. So eventually i ended up doing right swipe for only 5–6 out of a lot of around 100–120 profiles ( see how vella i was). When i closed Tinder, i was having a very high expectation that tomorrow is gonna be a good good day :D. I kept checking my phone for any notification of Tinder.

Tinder experience in India?
Tinder experience in India?
  • Google Suggested it as one of the best dating App
  • Installed Tinder
  • Signed Up
  • Swiped Matches for next 4 days
  • Waited over 10 days for a response, but didn’t get any Match
  • Uninstalled
  • Saw positive responses of Tinder on Youtube ads
  • Again installed
  • Signed in
  • Swiped matches for 2 days
  • Waited for 6 more days
  • No matches
  • Uninstalled
  • Saw positive responses of it on a social media
  • Installed again
  • Signed in
  • Swiped matches for over a week
  • This time waited patiently over a month
  • Still no matches
  • Uninstalled

Some time things are not to be meant for yours, it did not work for me.