Tax and Black Money

Tax and Black Money

Tax and Black Money

Few Decades back, almost all the big giant it company of India like HCL, Wipro and many more used to assemble computer parts in Ninty era. And at during that time the custom charge on Computer peripherial and accessory  are much high and due to this reason all the big Company like HCL and Wipro are completely dependent on smuggler for microprocessor and other electronic stuff, who used to trade all the these accessories in an illegal way.

Black Money

These smugglers visits these companies in big car in full royalty to make a successful deal. In a late nineties era the things were changing so drastically, the Bihari student in Bangalore left their study and start smuggling electronic stuff through Nepal, Bengladesh and Srilanka. And at the present time there were running the biggest software company in Bengalore with royalty.

Later on, the government reduces the custom tax and then the Hardware smuggling market slowly gone out from a market and whole smuggling industry crack down. Now recently the BJP led government brings a new policy as “INCOME DECLARATION SCHEME” which totally fails due to the 45% of total tax you have to pay to government. Even the government makes some changes and tax will reduce to 30%, then I think it will be a good deal and it will collect around 5 lakh crore tax money.

Black Money

Fifteen years ago the Income tax slab was 60%, and the people have no other option regarding tax evasion as any Doctor or Engineer will earn 1 crore in the year and give their 60% or their earnings to their corrupt government who will fulfill their desire with your money, so they started taxing evasion to save their money, I don’t think it was a wrong deal. As we everyone properly understand the Human nature and psychology and social circumstance, even people we never pick up a call without any a valid reason or profit and then always deny to pay even some extra penny to anyone either it was in form or tax or  tip to the waiter in a restaurant.


To sort out all these issues the government should be a strong and powerful to utilize the tax money in a proper way, then I think every Indian will pay tax happily, but the present scenario is that one government is distributing Tv for election campaign, and other government distributing Laptop or Cyle for their Political Milegage.

Mahine k lasts me   when you look at your salary slip jisme TDS se deduct income dekh k ek baar yahi sochte hoge “Kash yeh paisa sahi jagah Lage”.

In the name of Tax Reforms, Service Tax is a only Forfeiture to common people, Dosto k sath ek hazar ka dinner and uspe 250 tax, ek subah se saam karne wale workingprofessional ko jarur Akhrega.

Service tax

Government trying to impose the tax system similar to USA or Europe but Service k naam pe Baba Ji ka Thullu de rhe ho yeh to Galat hai.