Are we really poor or victim of so called poor.

Are we really poor or victim of so called poor.

It is a great irony that our country of 125 million having half of its population as the youth where diversified culture and tradition exist with many religions is sometimes called poor and sometimes even intolerant.


A country which was so, called golden bird having huge resources of gold, minerals etc. was rich at a time but continuous treachery and plunder by its own people and from invader have left it with fewer resources. When we go back in the past we have large extension in the term of the land boundary but it starts shrinking and same happen to its wealth, even at the time of independence our rupees stands in equality with the dollar but with the passage of time we are at 1 dollar equals to 65 of rupees.

It is true that after independence we have done splendid work and have covered great journey in every field but the question comes why we are called sometimes poor or intolerance?


When we see the IMF or world bank report of GDP(at PPP)we are around rank 122 with only 6,200per person of the population.

while our  growth rate of GDP is around 7% and total contribution to world GDP  has also increased to greater extent. We have improved in health, education, industry, defence every but that development is not compatible or major portion of our population is far away from these development.if,someone call us poor it  seems that heart is scattered or even shame no I am not poor ,everyone starts screaming .social media start trending just a recent news of snapchat CEO  where he claims India is poor ,sentiments flooded and so the social media .some say uninstall the app some say How he dare to say?.

Comments on facebook say Ambani will buy you 7 times, it is no doubt the number of billionaires has grown up in large number in India. some poor have converted them into middle class and middle class into rich, but the reality of fact is we can make a market to run and can make them stop and we claim this on the basis of huge is also relevant to some extent but still our 23%population lives below poverty line and lacks in basic facility, middle class is struggling and he has great weight in his heart, rich have easier life .neither rich have question nor the poor but this middle class that is most arrogant class even Britishers use this class they start to shout. How anyone can call us poor ?we are not, you rejoice when you got Oscar on the movie which shows poor and its struggle. Especially social media driven people who claim themselves proactive and real safeguard of the nation they start shouting, they have right why not ?.They should shout. I am not Kejriwal that I will demand CBI enquiry or Rahul that I will say poverty is state of mind. We can spend millions on rupees IN IPL  and save rupees in expenditure on defence and health we are not poor.

The real question that comes into mind that in this global world you can’t just boycott others as diplomat but you can start to not make use of other nation product, for this we have to develop our own skill and believe in strength of population which is the biggest resource .work for the cause of topic which needs to change only social media can’t bring change. Those who shout I am not poor denies even a single rupee to donate if a beggar asks for money on the road. They are among top rated if they get the chance to make free and wrong use of Nation resources. For making this nation really strong start in a different way because there is lots of topics to divert you sometimes intolerance while at others politics and its trap.

Frankly, speaking I have not heard the name of snapchat and not even interested .until and unless we are not powerful in taking our each and every decision by our own will we are, don’t give this useless topic much importance we are improving the lot and still need to improve much. If we are not poor then good but if framed to so-called being poor it needs to be broken JAI HIND.