Being a nationalist or patriotic is two mindset


Being a nationalist or patriotic is two mindset ,it is you who decide what to follow you can be patriotic or nationalist it is need but what is need of certification I don’t is our constitution or our court which can judge who is right or wrong,the feeling of being patriotic or nationalist comes through heart and is observed in our behavior and duty .it is not that you can compel any body by force to  create sense of national feeling.

if you are nationalist it means you are like extremist  your love may be rational or irrational,a nationalist love is bonded by culture caste and rich heritage of a nation .on the other hand patriotism is love for country  based on rational is just like two sect of different follower with different belief but both are devoted towards their country.

                                                                                                                                            If the anti nationalism sect is increasing then there is need of nationalism feeling ,in our country I think almost all are nationalist but few are patriotic .we as a countrymen always need a stimulus to activate us,it comes when there is attack we start our dialogue and battle of long debate.

Some  speaks just to make controversy and then discussion begins to start that I am nationalis,.today patriotic are believed as a anti national ,if   a peson is rational and patriotic you cant say he is anti, the border there is no time to debate and bullet doesn’t ask that you are what ?there is only attack and killings. deep rooted  love is nationalism and if it is blind it can create both type of . problem that you start to love your state more than other state because you senses are turned  towards a particular sense of feeling.

From a common man to high class people nationalism is not the thing that can be purchased or sponsored on tv or is not that you hear national anthem sing it and then takes  bribes in your office,it is not that you make big comittement on tv  and in mass but you don’t pay even your is sum total of your all good duty towards your nation well being and its it making your demands like jaat makes on the road of hariyana,or it is muslim beat hindus in kolkatta and up,or it is killing of muslim in Bangalore.prima facie is you have to decide region religion or constitution ,your region is india and religion is constitution and democracy.being a part of nationalist or patriotic sect you have to decide and follow it by heart because you have eaten salt of it ,it is your way but you have to either of you.jai hind.