Mussoorie “Dial M for Maggi, momos and Mountains…”


Discover the joys of sunny side up Mussoorie topped with Spellbinding views of untouched forests with your travel partners, surrounded by the luxurious and historic lodgings full of Maggi, momos and ginger lemon tea with a hint of Landour.

William Henry Davies, a famous poet famously wrote ‘What is this life if, full of care, We have no time to stand and stare. Sometimes, travel is not just about making memories, but also about making time for your travel partners. To grab that moment of peace amidst the sea of routine. To take the time to just “be”.

So, when the “queen of the hills” called, we answered.

Mussoorie is rightfully known as the queen of hills in India. A beautiful 2-hr drive from Dehradun, the city gets its name from the British mis-pronunciation of the Mansoor shrub that grows in the region. A summer retreat for heat-escaping British during the Raj, remnants of the colonial era add a distinct charm and character to its appearance.


It’s in the air…

Our foray into Mussoorie began with a shared bowl of Maggi slurped at a shack somewhere before the climb up to the city. Rickety tables overlooked a beautiful valley, while bright sunshine created a dazzling halo over everything it touched. One bowl became two. Maggi never tasted so good. It wasn’t just the seasoning – though liberal amounts of garlic, coriander and green chilies certainly had our taste buds buzzing – it was the air. It is amazing how a place can change the flavour of food so dramatically.