Munsiyari – the Place with Snow creating a Fairy-tale Village of India


Munsiyari refers to “the place with snow”, which is the faster-growing tourist hotspot to Explore with your Travel Partners. It is a sub-division headquarters and revenue villages’ conglomeration. The small “Fairytale” rural town is located on the bank of Goriganga River. This Heavenly town gives the view of magnificent Himalayas. Munsiyari is a stunning valley town covered by colourful dense forest. The Walnut and Oak forest is standing on a carpet of white Pangor flowers.


The bright colour of Rhododendrons makes this hill town gorgeous of all in Uttarakhand. The green forests are the natural habitat for birds and animals like whistling thrush, hawk cuckoo, Wagtail leopard, the musk deer and bear.Notably, the glacier enthusiasts, mountaineers, nature lovers and high-altitude trekkers use Munsiyari as their favourite hub and base camp.


Top attractions of Munsiyari:

Birthi falls:

Birthi falls Munsiyari

The Birthi falls is located 35 kilometres away from Munsiyari town.  The pure water comes down from a height of 126 meters; Birthi falls gives an extreme heavenly refreshing experience. The greenery surroundings are full of colourful flowers. The poetic view of the falls will take you to a land of a fairytale.

Maheshwari Kund


A blissful place with a great legend attached to its history. The legend says, once upon a time a Yakshi living in a small lake by Maheshwari Kund cursed the place to have a drought for years.  Just walk a few kilometres to reach Maheshwari Kund from Munsiyari.

Panchachuli Peak


This peak is very prominent and can be viewed from all the main points of Pithoragarh district. The view is simply breathtaking from Munsiyari. Johar Valley is holding the five peaks together in its loving arms. The site of 5 peaks will make you captive in its world.



Standing above 9000ft from the sea level, Betulidhar area allures all the nature lovers. The charm of full bloomed Red Rhododendrons is just like a portrait of a painter. However, the best part of Betulidhar is the gorgeous sunrise and sunset through the heart of the Himalayas and Ralam & Balati Glaciers.

Thamari Kund


It’s a mesmerising natural lake with full of natural beauty. Woods of Paper trees, Alpine trees are the house of Musk Deer.



The small village, Darkot is a shoppers’ paradise. There are plenty of articles to fill your shopping bag with, especially sheep wool blanket and pashmina shawl.

Things to do in Munsiyari:



Most of the trekkers are addicted to the scenic beauty of Munsiyari.  Few of the hot favourite trekking areas are the Khalia trek- after a two-hour trek you can lay down on the carpet of green meadows, looking at the snow on the top and the Trek to Thamri Kund – an easier and modest trek for beginners.

Nanda Devi Temple Trek

You’ll reach to this ancient temple after a 3km trekking from Munsiyari. The temple of Nanda Devi reflects the ancient architecture and creativity; a large number of devotees visit the temple every year.



If you want to enjoy camping under the sky by the lakes and mountains then Munsiyari is one of the best places in Uttarakhand.


Skiing on the top of Khaliya

Apart from being a popular trekking destination, the top of the Khaliya is also known for the beautiful site of the Panchuli peaks and skiing location in winters.


Bird Watching

Munsiyari is the sweet home of a huge number of bird species. Black Redstart, Little pied flycatcher, Himalayan Woodpecker, Verditer Flycatcher, Grey-winged black bird, Black lored Titare are some common birds which you can observe in your early morning bird watching walk.

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