The Mountains where my soul belongs




What takes you to realize everything looks fine around you?
A bike trip to the mountains, with your travel partners where you and your soul bides in the echo of the winds which carry the fragments of clouds with them.
What makes you realize, the world is going back to the chaos in infinite hurry?
End of the aforementioned road trip.


Have you ever imagine, what would happens when you are working hard for full time in a corporate company and getting a pay-cheque at first of every month, and then you ask your manager for a week long vacation for a road trip. You manager with their polite best will tell you ‘Sorry’, you can’t get any leave just for some ridiculous road trip. Your leaves will approved in one and only condition when you are sick or some family emergency. Actually, you can’t get any leave until and unless if you are dying.


This struggle in corporate life is real, where you’ve to work till your all senses starting to die only for paying your expanses bills, here are some short bursts of happiness which you can only get after paying a day or two day ‘extended weekend’. You can start making a plans for a long road trip to the places, which you always loved, but then suddenly you often end up your plan just because of the with people having social obligations to, in the aimless wondering at malls or clubs.


So the question what’s going wrong? Have you ever wondered where the time has moved exponentially. Till now, if you never made any road trips to the mountains and if you still thinking you would, then take a moment of time from this hustle of life, and think if you are born only for paying the bills or is there are something that only you can do for yourself.


It’s the time when you have to grab your memories which will stay beyond the ten-by-ten cubicle and twenty one inch windows or iMac screen. It’s the period when you have to realize your potential which can only be discovered by experiencing the unexplored experience of life before.


This is what i’ve learned from my recent solo backpacking bike trip. Although, I have enjoy a number of bike trips earlier, but there were not all for soul searching, which was only just get rid away from this world around. For me this bike trip brought a realisation to explore the undiscovered aspects of my life.


The fascination of my surrounding, and for that I actually fall in love with everything arounds me and I never knew this before. Every moment of my life became a new destination and which is more worth than just silly checked-in of Facebook or sharing the capture moments on social media. I have made new friends and meet new people who realized their souls earlier, which are dwelling in peace & happiness.