‘Let’s troll for destroying 4th pillar of Democracy’


First time in Indian history, peoples has witnessed the buzz created all around the map after resignation of ‘STAR ANCHOR’ Arnab Goswami as Editor in Chief of Times Now. All the major Newspapers and National News channels tried to gather TRP after Arnab’sresignation by devoting a programme on his name as Arnab ne TIMES NOW kyun chhoda ? or on his famous punch line ‘Nation wants to know’ from their respective platforms.

From where did this celebrity culture entered in media industries ? Who endorsed it ? No one would have solid answer for this. you may have noticed that every news channel have their best anchor who host programme at prime time slot, and have confiscated the brand of channel on their own shoulders.

Now none of us discuss about the accountability of channel, we all only discuss that which anchor is patriotic and who is Anti-National or Pro-Pakistani.Every anchor has its own Fan base on social media those who acts as the toadies for that anchor against their competitors from another channel.
Before 2014 general election, fan-base word is only associated with Bollywood celebrities or star cricketers now we can see a pardine shift in media industries as star anchors are the only USP of News channels. The astonishing fact is that anchors are rated on the basis of TRP they gather at prime time slot, not on the basis of their skills to ask question or the depth knowledge of subject matter they have’ matlab babu ye sab TRP ka chakkar hai’. Some of the news anchors who have large fan base on social media and are highly rated by them tries to imitate themselves as televangelist.
We must be vigilant on hardcore reality  that after emergence of social media the 4th and most important pillar of Democracy is sabotaged by the ‘cyber surmas’
The Indian media suddenly changed after the Modi Government came into existence. Now Media houses are segregated into two sections one who follows Mr Modi blatantly and others who tries to destabilize the Govt by displaying histrionic outbursts time to time. Both form of media is dangerous for democracy as this will lead citizens of India to be in funk.

Now its up to you, think once again aren’t you also the part of that mob on social media who tries to destroy   democracy  by being fan or  arse-licker ?


  1. A Righteous man regards the life of his beast (doathorse,cg,, sheep,etc.): but the tender mercies of the Wicked are cruel.Creator God the Father has much love for what he has created. It is our divine duty to love and protect what he loves.Your quote is a very good one, indeed. Thank you.