8 Reasons Why You Should Date A Girl Who Climbs


Loveless? Still Singles.? Haven’t found a perfect soul mate? Well, why not you date a girl who loves and climbs mountains as she excites you with her sexy backpack and muddy shoes on an awesome mountain trekking.


The girls who climbs and trek, thrives on adventure & travel, as she always ready for conquering new challenges and thrills.


She always brings a new and higher summit in your life with her wondrous & meaningful conversations. Whether it’s a next mountain or any new challenges in your life, she always ready to experience you a breathtaking escapades and she never brings any dull moment in your life.


I am not a love guru, but trust me she sweeps you off from your feet with her thrives towards adventure and the sudden mesmerizing sparkling emerges in her eye’s whenever you says, “Lets Go”.

1 She knows that difficulty brings  a sweet success


A grueling 7hr climbs with a heavy 60L of backpack  will be an extremely exhausting, but she never gets tired and move on by pushing herself to their limits that she knews, an amazing panoramic view is waiting for her on the top.

2 She thinks out of the box


As you are on a trek and you forgets to bring a rain gear, girls who climb mountains definitely use her trash bag as an alternative, she thinks out of the boxes and find an optimal solution for any problem, whichever comes in your life with her creative and resourceful mindset.

3 She’s a good cook, with limited resources


Do you cook mouth watering food with limited resources on a portable stove? No you never cook such a dish in a limited ingredient, But trust me a girl who climb, knows how to whip  a fantastic mouth watering food for everyone.

4 She easily adapts  and understand the new changes

Couple trekking in the mountains

Whether it’s a change in high altitude, terrain, environment or any circumstances, she is ready to adapts the new changes as she is always prepared mentally and physically to understand the changes and then adapts herself in a matter of minutes according to the situation as she faces.

5 She understands the differences between luxury & necessity


When you go trekking, you can’t put everything in your backpack because it will make the journey tougher. A girl who climb mountains  understand which are a necessity items and which are not because she know that the enjoying the luxuries is good but it also creates clutter in her journey.

6 She enjoys the discomfort of life


Getting to the mountain summit, or any journey in her life, it’s not so easy and the girl who climbs mountains is clearly aware of it. She know how quickly she can adapt the discomfort of life is good for her and starts enjoying.

7 She’s a strong and independent woman


A girl who climbs know that the trek may be difficult and dangerous but at last she have a beautiful reward so she carry her backpack with all other burdens of life and move on by herself as she know that she is always ready to help others but truly she could no longer do it for own.

8 She is always planning for next big adventure


You have just reached the mountain summit or achieve a milestone in your life, but on the other hand, she is planning for her next big adventure as she is restless and always ready for face more challenges in her life.


Is a girl who loves climbing mountains worth loving? Definitely so! She will be the most positive influence in your life and you will love her for it. She will constantly climb mountains because they are there — and when you ask her why she loves you, she will hold your hand and put in her heart and tell you: “because you are here”.


So, what do you think? Is she worth loving? Yeah, definitely so! As far as I think, she will be a most positive and influential sweet girl in your life, in many ways.


With her optimistic outlook and great traits , I  love-a-girl-who-climbs as she’s always ready to go for a wild and crazy ride with you to feed your wanderlust.