7 Interesting psychological facts that blow your mind.

7 Interesting psychological facts that blow your mind.
7 Interesting psychological facts that blow your mind.

1. Nomophobia


Actually, there is a phobia for losing one’s phone named as Nomophobia, a term for describing the fear of being without any cellphone device, and popularly known as “no-mobile-phone phobia”. According to the study done across the Europe, 55% of the questioned public said they experienced Nomophobia and women were most likely to suffer the Nomophobia than men.

2. Emotional Contagion


Without realizing what is emotionally contagious, we all are deeply affected by the other people’s moods. Researchers call this phenomena as emotional contagion. It is a natural process in which we pre-wired our brain throw mirror-neurons which allow us to reflect and sense other people’s emotions.

3. Broken Heart Syndrome


In the last few decades, Psychology researchers have found a good deal of literal truth that is embedded in the form of metaphorical phrased which compare love to pain. Neuroimaging studies have recently shown that human brain regions involved in processing any physical pain which overlap considerably with those tied to social anguish. Broken Heart Syndrome is defined by the normal coronary arteries and regional wall motion abnormalities which is extended beyond a precipitating stressor and a single coronary vascular bed. Its temporary that is often brought on by stressful situations, such as the death of a loved one.

4. Oxytocin


When we hug opposite gender, the chemical which is released by brain is the hormone called Oxytocin. It has been hypothesized that oxytocin, a hormone recognized for its role in social attachment and facilitations of social interactions, is also important in the formation of trust.

5.Unremarkable Experiences deplete one’s capacity to resist moral temptations


It is proved in a study that the normal and unremarkable human experiences that is associated with the everyday lifestyle can deplete one’s capacity to resist moral temptations. According to the study, the people are more likely to lose their self-control when they’re tired. Another study concluded that the average adult has less self-control as the work day wears on, becoming more likely to act “immoral” by the end of the afternoon.

This works both ways, the studies above have mentioned that people tend to engage in immoral behavior when they’re tired due to the lack of self-control. However, the lack of self-control can also cause people to let their guard down a little bit and be more honest with physical conditions.



Desensitization is the diminished emotional responsiveness to an aversive or negative stimulus after repeated exposure to it. In a research conducted recently, the parents were subjected to watch movies having sex and violence, have showed that there was an increase in acceptance to both types of content, even to the extent of the willingness to show it to their children. There is also evidence of desensitization among people who play video games.

7.Chocolate as “the love drug”


We don’t think it’s a new thing when someone say that they consider Chocolate as “the love drug”. Chocolate known for notoriously and an aphrodisiac gift for any time of the year, that has been a widely accepted and known as a staple for showing and expressing love. But why is this so? Chocolate contains tryptophan, a chemical produced in the brain which is used as serotonin, the feel-good brain chemical and plays a vital role in positive mood, proper sleep, emotional health and balance appetite, contributing to numerous behavioral and physiological functions. Chocolate also contains Phenylethylamine, a chemical that helps to promote feelings of attraction, excitement, and giddiness pleasure centers which reaches its peak level during orgasm.


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