5 Reasons why should you date a girl who smokes weed


Hello boys if you haven’t found your dream travel partners till now, then you should meet a girl who smokes weed.

Unfortunately, most of you have never had the experiences of meeting a girl who loves to smoke weed. Weed simplifies our life and the stoners know this well, because weeds take to a another awesome level. Than surely you have the best girlfriends, When you date a girl who smokes weed, you will automatically fall for her. Because  the girls who get high, tends to be free spirits, and in our society they get labeled as a troublemaker. But in reality, the stoner girls make the best girlfriend, for many reasons.


Full of exuberance.


It’s rare that you will ever find any stoner a pothead angry, weeds which makes you relaxed with full of energy and excitement. The stoner chick tends to enjoy the moment of life. You don’t need much time to make her happy, because she is already in touch with her inner soul and feelings. What makes her happy and what doesn’t she better know. Which means, if she says she loves you, then she surely loves you.  But beware, if she not then she will quickly let you know she don’t.

She makes awesome lovers


Weeds make people happy and relaxed and also makes the sex life better. If you are dating a stoner girl, then be sure you have no problems in your bedroom. In your relationships, she doesn’t make an issue with the small stuff. Normal relationship flames quickly over the smallest and ridiculous issue. So If you are dating a stoner she’s less likely, to blow your relationship.

She shares, so she cares


If she is a stoner, then she is certainly good at sharing. The entire concept smoking weed in a group is to promote the notion of sharing with love and happiness. So in groups, she is most likely to share the first hit with you, then she smokes and even if you are not a stoner, at least she will share her favorite munchies with you.

She will be the perfect fit in your friends circle


If you hang out with stoner chick, you won’t have to worry about your friends circle, for not liking her. She’s chill, calm, cool & collected, she never gets offended by any lame jokes. A stoner who can hang out with your groups is definitely a keeper.

She never gives a fuck

Smoking kills

Since the stoner girls are usually on high, there are so much moving in her mind. So if you come late at night from work, it won’t phase her. If both of you are making plans for hangout, but suddenly your mood drifts away and you would prefer to sit at home, then she won’t flip out, she will be happy that she can roll out joint in peace. Since the stoner girls are so chill and calm, that she can easily handle whatever the situation comes into her life.

Trust me, there is nothing sexier than watching a girl making joint, with a pair of elegant and manicured hands with pink painted fingernail. So in words the girls who smokes the weeds are simply BEST.!


  1. Beautiful, thoughtful, inspiring, as usual. A year well spent and well aperpciated, yes.I have delighted in your friendship this past year. Thank you for so many fun moments and warm memories :)Happy New Year!!! xx